Plan to participate at Chaos Communication Congress
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Dates from 27th to 30th of December 2017.

At 32C3 (2015) Matthias Tarasiewicz (parasew) presented the apertus° project.

We should keep them updated about significant progress (like a buyable product) in an additional talk and until then be present to call attention to our project and get more contributors. There are a lot of open hardware people, artists, administrators and programmers.

In 2016 it was quiet hard to get a ticket. There was only 12.000 and more demand. Angels (volunteers) and CCC Erfas got vouchers for tickets, everyone else had to use the Shop where the tickets was sold out in minutes. (bought from bots)

What we can do there

  • have an assembly (what is basically tables and chairs, a power line and a maybe a network cable. have to be registered about one month before the congress)
  • organize a workshop or meeting (you can get a room, maximum duration is 3 hours)
  • exchange with other people and groups like the VOC (would be a nice goal to use Axiom Beta for streaming the talks)
  • in 2016 the infobeamer got a new feature to show "advertisements" for projects, we can show our project there (including short video)
  • maybe film some material with a Beta

What we need

  • maybe 2-5 people who can answer (all) questions about apertus° and the AXIOM cameras (so 1-2 can be at the assembly and the rest can walk around and attend other talks)
  • tickets for them (one costs about 100€ or more if you like)
  • a Beta with recorder and cables, maybe also the alpha (?)
  • flyers, maybe stickers (?)
  • maybe a marketing Roll Ups like this

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Since we partner with Felix from the VOC we should ask them to have a combined assembly.

The VOC can also mention apertus° in the "Infrastructure review" talk at the end, so people know "apertus° still actively develops the AXIOM, already shipped developer kits and it was used to stream talks".

I will attend 34C3 and can be at the assembly for some hours. I also would like to be a camera angel and use the betas (done camera/mixing the last 4 years + camp).

Great! We will make sure you have everything you need.

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I will be there too.

People from apertus who will be there:

what we can do:

  • assambly with voc
  • film with AXIOM Beta (mention in infrastructure review)
  • We can take photos for twitter etc...
  • advertising on info beamer
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@davidak @felix @mithro @parasew @allan

Short reminder: Deadline for Assemblies is tomorrow 23:59!

You can put related Assemblies - e.g.VOC in the form.
VOC is trying to request a AV-Cluster - where multiple assemblies (FeM e.V., ...) can take place.

For Assemblie-questions - at best check by in #voc-lounge on

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I registered our assembly and spoke to felix.

Waiting for NeoFisch who plans the VOC assembly and AV-Cluster so we can be part of it.

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I will be there too :)

@jatha great. do you want to be part of the assembly?

I think, I won't manage to be there for a long time but im happy to join you for some time. Especially if you have a Beta ;)

@allan do you have a hdmi recorder like an Atomos Shogun you could borrow us for the camera demo rig at the CCC?

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With the SDI hackathon currently going on and live SDI working with some small remaining issues:

Does anyone attending have a zoom lens for video work that fits an emount/canon/nikon mount and doesnt need electronic lens connectivity that we can attach to the beta?

I only have photography prime lenses which are not optimal for conference recording.

Dear Apertus Assembly,

your Assembly is accepted and we will provide a space for you.


SDI development is essential finished and working, we should chat about the details for CCC soon, ping me on IRC please.

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For this years congress, i hope at least one of @sebastian and @Bertl can free up 4 days to attend.

I can again organize the assembly and show everything, but would like to have a little more time to meet people.

Also i want a working setup before the congress, so we can show it from day 1.

The general goals should be the same as last year.

I will most definitely also be there this year, and we are planning on running a KinoKabaret Assembly using the KINOÏT Platform. It would be really great to work together and let some hacker-filmmakers get some experience with the AXIOM.