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Herberts travel report:



  • build layout
  • sort through images (what can be used/improved/removed)
  • native speaker review
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adding potential helpers, including myself :-)

testing adding a project in cc

Herberts feedback:

  • The image layout breaks on his browser
  • is there any way we can implement paragraphs as in without breaking the two coloumn text layout?

Philippe could you take a look?

Can this be uploaded to a -wip page so that i can submit changes for review?

Sasha added a comment.Nov 20 2014, 1:29 AM

I've refined the text in the article. Please advise if you think anything doesn't sound correct.

Columns and paragraphs : no (non-ugly) solution found. I think the two column thing doesn't work terribly well in most cases. Our problem is that line length is too long if we don't use columns, and then the text becomes hard to read.

Ideal line length is 50-60 characters (not more, not less). How can we solve this site-wide?

I didn't see any layout break on my browser at various window size. Can you post more details?

One suggestion was to increase font size until the character count matches the line length.

...or limit width even on big screens

we can also simply

max-width: 60 em;

article published:

Sorry Sasha but you overdid it a bit with the corrections changing the meaning of some sentences so I had to revert them.

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Sasha added a comment.Nov 21 2014, 6:43 AM

No worries Sebastian, I understand

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