Injection molded heat sinks
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The last days I spent at the Fakuma Fair in Friedrichshafen and have some good news for our cooling solution. I found a company producing thermally conductive plastic compounds. So it is possible to injection mold heat sinks in any design! >> Ensinger Compounds
"thermally conducting plastics have been proven to offer cooling performance comparable to that of metals"

We can use this for both, the sensor cooling and the Microzed Board!
The guys at Ensinger are so kind to send me samples of their compounds so we can build our own heat sinks for testing.
I'm very happy and I hope this is the solution of our cooling challenges!

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Very nice!

Now we should do some tormach injection molding experiments to see what is possible, for example how big our parts can become and how the tool creating process is.
Whats the next step for our first injection molded part?

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Sounds great, looking forward to it in anticipation!

New design for the MicroZed Heatsink with 40x40x10 fan.