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Letting everyone know i'm working on the reorganization of the Wiki site, however if anyone wished to help it would be helpful to organize a team to deal with an influx of data and information to the wiki, depending on each users availability and schedule.

Im a filmmaker, so I have regular jobs that require my attention for my business and livelihood so depending on the jobs and backlog I get busy. However I research and compile alot of information and went to school for PHP and Open Source Development.

I have alot of info, saved web pages, gathered info and other topics brought up in IRC that I think would be relevant for the wiki. So I have taken on organizing the wiki to make sure that information can get to everyone in a concise and organized fashion. However, again, time constraints depending.

In any case reaching out to administrators and Apertus personnel for guidance on this matter.

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Great news that you are starting that!

Let me know if you need any help. We still need to find a mediawiki expert, but I guess we have in the community reasonable knowledge.

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An effort that lists the pages that are on the wiki at a given time means there is some level of overview into everything. Also it makes for little effort spent organizing, and helps with avoiding errors in structure.

So what kind of structure is wanted/needed?

Im thinking right now design is the most important. As details are hammered out, they can make their way over to the leftmost category to be documented.
Less relevant is the education part, and most mundane is the maintenance chores.

I am a bit unsure what to do with some of the things currently in "learning", then again i am no filmmaker, but i have some experience with wiki work.

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allan, listing the pages on the wiki is exactly no effort, because you have the all Pages. Using namespaces, you can "filter" these Pages, e.g. Project Pages - this one (Apertus Wiki) is built by default, and you can easily define additional namespaces, which can be queried quite intuitively by selecting one of them in the drop down selection.

I would suggest using this feature in the future. But, as you said, you have to establish some sort of consense concerning this Structure

I dont think that is simple enough to rely on for everyone to just pick up and use. I would see a point in having something besides the proposed structure if things fit into more than one category.

I didnt create any of the pages, so i dont really know what the plan was. Worst case i see links breaking as things are moved to namespaces in the future because there are too many pages to list at once.

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was not very clear about future - moving pages is ( even for only about one hundered of them ) not a good idea, but trying to put new ones into some sort of structure should be. The challenging question is indeed what to do with pages, that fit into more than one category, but that problem Philipe overcame with the New Main Page.

Without much effort, crosslinks should be possible, if we have only a few pages.

The additional effort is determining the proper category for a new page. If the author thinks, this effort is to much, then categories are useless, independent of their implementation.

Having something beside the proposed structure means also having some additional effort to maintain that something and keep it up to date - a task that becomes more complex with increasing number of pages...

I hope the following remark (read wish list) not too off topic.
I have issues getting the whole picture of the project.
There are a lot of things discussed on the lab but I think it has one drawback. Being discussion based (at the moment at least), I feel a lack of structure. Technical and non technical subjects tends to be mixed up.

The wiki has some other discussion that I cannot find easily here (about cooling...).
The wiki is a great place to give an overview of the project and the sub projects. Maybe referring to the lab for ongoing discussion is a good think.

Sorry guys I wanted to organize this but im not familiar enough with wiki formatting and ive been busy with business stuff lately. If someone else wanted to pick this up that would be great.

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suggest using namespaces ( some lines in configuration file ), Lockdown extension if restricted access is needed ( don't know/cannot decide if needed), NSFileRepo extension if restricted access should be applicable for documents also ...

installing is nearly no effort compared to user administration ( which is easy if accomplished via direct DB access )

First decision to be made: what structure should be used / which namespaces will we start with ?

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BAndiT1983> i'm missing a little bit breadcrumbs in apertus wiki
<BAndiT1983> or to be precise, categories
<BAndiT1983> like in normal wiki at the bottom, so one can look up all the things in the category in one go
<Bertl> did you try adding a Category:xxxx link?
<BAndiT1983> i would never find registers without the link from Bertl
<Bertl> that's how wikipedia does it IIRC
<BAndiT1983> apertus wiki doesn't seem to be categorized
<RexOrCine> There was a version two main page list that came up at one point, but it never got implemented.
<BAndiT1983> this is appended in the normal one -> Category:Digital photography
<BAndiT1983> Category:Image sensors
<BAndiT1983> Category:Color filter array

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<RexOrCine> Came up here -
<BAndiT1983> oha, much better
<Bertl> so you don't like the colorful blocks on the current main page?
<RexOrCine> That would mean abandoning the images on the main page, which I'd probably disapprove of, but it would be good to have an option available for people to reconfigure things
<BAndiT1983> you don't have to abandon images, but we should consider to add categories
<RexOrCine> I agree.... I even thought that new main page might be good at the bottom of the main page, but there were warning signs attached, and I didn't know what to make of that ie. "Don't edit this or it'll break"
<BAndiT1983> seems to work, i get Categories: Beta Hardware | Registers at the bottom
<BAndiT1983> we need just meaningful names for that stuff, then it's much easier to move in the same area to get more info
<Bertl> so what's the problem then? :)
<BAndiT1983> i don't know where the parts belong to, you said it's partially from alpha
<Bertl> in general, you can assume that everything which doesn't explicitely say 'Beta' somewhere is ffrom the Alpha
<Bertl> *from*
<BAndiT1983> there should be 2 categories at the bottom as test
<BAndiT1983> don't know why the category pages are editable, they usually shoudn't be
<Bertl> you can lock pages down, probably that's what wikipedia does
<BAndiT1983> the page has to be created once, just entered summary and and content as "Registers"
<BAndiT1983> now they should stay blue

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wiki restructuring mostly completed and a bit still in progress