Rename the "Dictator" to "Governator" ?

Asked by sebastian on Oct 23 2014, 7:05 PM.

Our AXIOM Remote controller ( has been funded as stretch goal so it will soon exist. Time to reconsider if "dictator" is really the right name for something like that, we acknowledge dictators are not that popular among their minions.

An idea by daFred was to rename it to "AXIOM Governator" - everyone associates Arnold with Austria and something strong, solid.

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allan added a subscriber: allan.EditedOct 30 2014, 11:07 PM

Sometimes dictators are popular among their minions, but that notion isnt relevant, the word in the sense of "a person that leads" is not really what comes to mind, unless its "governator", curiously. Probably because its derived from the dictator pick, but forgot why it worked.

Initially i thought this vote was for what to call project lead, which is where "dictator" raises questions.

A control unit does dictate action, more-so than it governs, and ultimately the arnold working the knobs is in control anyhow. Speaking of which, Native instruments, which is popular and has a functioning naming scheme runs with things like "kontrol" and traktor" and then a simple number behind them to deal with revisions.

The film analogy of "governator" is nice, but not really one that alludes to fine precision and control. With dictator i think Leni Riefenstahl for some reason the godfather films, or Charlie Chaplin.
If you cant cherish the technical merits of the work of the former, then atleast you cant fault the latter for picking a name that only must mean one thing.

For what it does, I think dictator is nice, and works in casual language without being awkward. The decision rather depends what the other bits and bobs are called.

With RED cameras, I often forget what the different bits are called, but they have a theme to it, which is good.

So if the names could all be within a theme, and have some intrinsic meaning as to what they describe does, that would be best.

Edit: Ok, so the base of apertus is from Austria. I am a Norseman, from Norway, does that make me a viking? Unless the answer explains why it would make me better at *things which doesnt require an axe*, i don't see the meme of things.

Yes, it is funny that things can come from Austria, its even funny to say aeauuugh, however i dont see the idea behind it. "Dictator" begs the question "is it controversial to name a technical product this?" just as much as steroid use, poor acting skills, and person cultus political career has anything to do with the issue we are trying to answer.

You arent thinking it, but then again, if you do, where is exactly is the problem?

  • What are the other products, and ideas for names for those?
  • What realm of products is apertus going to be confined to?

As of now, "open source cinema" to me sounds like everything from creation to viewing in a theatre.

Edit: I thought about it, and orchestrator, or any -ator word sounds device-like, and also stays within the theme of latin. **Ordinator** is the best i could come up with, it is relevant to what it does, has a chance of making the cut with search engines, and also it works in more european languages. Directly, or with small changes. It works in everyday conversation. Optionally it can be said in the arnold-way.

davidak added a subscriber: davidak.Nov 1 2014, 4:11 AM

Why not simply "AXIOM Remote"?

If you want creative names you should have a marketing expert who find a theme for names for the actual parts of the project.
Maybe just functional names are better since everyone can imagine what it is.

If i read "dictator" i think of hitler (i'm german).

"AXIOM Remote" is indeed how we advertized it in the crowd-funding campaign.
It's clear and simple but maybe also a bit uninspired :)

Axiom Imperium

Or Axiom Secretus Imperium (bit long)

greensolid added a subscriber: greensolid.EditedNov 3 2014, 12:41 AM

I agree with davidak. Better keep things simple and functional.
The product you want to mark is the Axiom, so you may also place this in the center of the branding name.
Don't get enlaced with trivia on behalf of perfectionism as long as there are more important tasks to do.
And who cares about the name of a remote control when the camera is the really interesting part.
BTW what about Axiom Director?

How about 'Rover', like the Nasa Rover. A device for remote management?

I find the Red camera names to be a bit silly, fanboy like. The EVF being called the Bomb is really bad. I personally didn't even like Arri calling their fine camera the Alexa, a woman's name. The last camera that I recall being named for a woman was a dud (Panavision's 16mm Elaine.)
I think it should be a practical but memorable name I wish that I had a good idea at the moment but I don't yet.

The Rover would be analogous with the camera itself. It is what controls the Rover (on Mars) that it should be named.

I think the Axiom Director is best.

allan added a comment.EditedNov 3 2014, 1:51 AM

Director is already too specifically something else, meaning it has that connotation, and other search engine results.

Ordinator means director, or ornator also has a semblance to function that can be understood in english/french/norse (ordain).

interfacepter / incepter for the video interface is latin-esque, and works in a similar fashion.

aombk added a subscriber: aombk.Nov 3 2014, 5:13 AM

so what about these?


christophvarga added a subscriber: christophvarga.EditedNov 3 2014, 1:26 PM

i vote for:
'AXIOM Control' - it's clear and unspectacular as i wish how it will behave as an gadget and as someone mentioned before, the magic is somewhere else..

I like 'AXIOM Remote' also but it doesn't fit so well when it's mounted directly on the camera body i think.

I see the "remote control" as one of the possible devices that can handle the camera, but not the only one (I am thinking in a mobile phone interface, for example). This is the reason because I don't vote for "Dictator", "Governator" o something like that.

I see it as a gamepad. In this sense, perhaps can be called AxiomPad, CameraPad...

However the other proposals I like are: "AXIOM Remote" or "AXIOM Control».

How about an acronym, with connotations.

Axiom ARC

(Arduino/Added/Axiom. Remote. Control)

aombk added a comment.Nov 3 2014, 6:34 PM

i like
axiom remote
axiom control
axiom arc

edits added a subscriber: edits.Nov 3 2014, 7:58 PM

How about Theo ?

Why ?

Because of the existence of axiomatic theories and also the fact that Theophrastus, ancient greek philosopher described what an axiom was. The ancient greek reference would also play well with the the camera's european roots.

aombk added a comment.Nov 4 2014, 5:08 AM

theo means god in greek
(and phrastus means speaker, of phrases)

there should be a concept for naming things related to apertus°.

and we must distinguish the "Dictator" from the mobile phone app.

@greensolid i like the Axiom Director for the "Dictator".

maybe we should use functional working names and find good fitting names at the end. like naming a book after writing it.
but that names will stick in memory of people. changing it later could cause confusion. also in press articles about our project.

Laoena added a subscriber: Laoena.Nov 5 2014, 2:03 PM

I suggest you keep it short and simple. And as davidak wrote, having a theme for the names of the different devices works well.

Personally I'd steer away from Dictator or Governator, and those are strong, authoritarian words, and can also have bad connotations with people. To me a remote control is merely a tool or assistant so that my instructions can get passed on to the device it controls. Hence I suggest words with relevance to guide, assistant, camera operator, etc.

My suggestion would be "Aide", as in Axion Aide.

As Spanishfly wrote, the alternative is to use something really short that is also an acronym, and I also like the idea of using 'Axion ReC', short for Axion REmote Controller, (Reminds me of the old days with the red RECord button too.)

I like , Axiom remote control name and for short cut ARC

even added a subscriber: even.Nov 8 2014, 4:12 AM

General Midi and the Dictator are in cahoots together. Do do you need more instructions? =)

Aramis added a subscriber: Aramis.Nov 11 2014, 3:05 AM

Hi! I will like to propose CONTINEO
since the remote will allow us to access the camera this way< I love the name!
Contineo is defined as: to touch, reach, grasp, affect, infect.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas, they are all incorporated into this new poll: