AXIOM Beta handgrip concept and ergonomics evaluation
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Hi there, we just played around with the handling concept. Where the handles can be mounted and how the camera will be held. You are invited for this brainstorming session, feel free to post your experience and use cases!

we tried find a solution to carry the beta with a minimum of accessories (fieldrecorder+monitor only) and also mounted on a rig or in a bigger cage. with its eccentric design you can adjust it in position and also there can be four mounting spots on each side of the camera body to mount it wherever you want.
the flowery shaped handles (as an first draft) could also have a record button and a zoom functionality later on..

greetings clemens and christoph

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Hi! Interesting handles. I can imagine there is a good grip!

Here is a test at setting a surfacing 3D solid model using the latest PCB configuration. Of course, a lot of parameters (such as the bevel, the holes diameter, the bounding box dimensions etc ) are set up for easy changes. I also tried to design an ergonomic handle. I left the fan apparent, this is not solved yet. And also no screws modeled yet, and no sd or hdmi connection.

Great progress!

Here are some references for where connectors/etc. are on the microzed:

The grips at the left/right front in the original design (as presented in crowdfunding) was a solution to hide the screwheads that were envisions to be placed on the front side of the camera at the time, If we dont have these screwheads there I don't think we need the grips for ergonomics (as the camera is quite small actually - looks massive in the renders but I am not sure these grips would be able to provide a comforting point for holding the camera. Also the way they bend upwards currently makes me sceptic about how they are manufactured (bending metal sheets is easy but making the bending wider at the top than at the bottom could proof to be tricky?

Please envision some kind of "grill" on top of the fan so you cannot easily touch the moving fan or have your beard get tangled in it :)

Yes, bending could be a bit trickier. But if we have the right machine, i could also be not so tricky. Since the main goal was the ergonomics, and it might be too small, we can leave it out. I took my canon 600D as a ref for the handle, since it has a nice grip. Im still a bit curious as of how it feels, i might print just the handle part of it.

Thanks for the references.
I was going for the beard trimmer version but ok...

i like it!
it would be cool to see how the cable slot (I/O module) look like. .. :)
did you draw it according to that PCB design?
it's on the wiki

Thanks! I left out the IO highspeed module on this one.
In this one we have the same PCB design (V02 03)

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Hi we had speak about to make our own customized handle

with clay (plasticine for now) , 3d scanner and 3d printer !

we finished customize some paragliding handles but it's also very easy to adapt for a shoulder rig or maybe directly on the beta.
For the first time we try to print it with "wood filament" and also "ninja flex filament" (a flexible one) and it's work fine.
Maybe a service to sale for who want (we just start to sale our first paragliding handle and be able to help you on this service)

We will do a DIY tuto video soon , when our new website will be finished !

some photos here:

good to hear some news :)

indeed very interesting!

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