AXIOM Beta Extended
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In the recent TT13.2 article a new enclosure concept was showcased.

AXIOM Beta Extended

From the feedback gathered around the AXIOM Beta Compact enclosure design concepts it became clear that integrating a small camera body within a typical rig setup would work for a lot of users, but that there was also demand for a highly ergonomic camera body. With this in mind, and by taking advantage of the fact that AXIOM Beta Compact is still in a phase of planning, we wanted to be mindful of the possibilities where the project's future evolution is concerned. After a lot of consideration, discussion, and the examination of systems proven to work well in the past, we worked through a total of ten concept iterations to modernise good camera ergonomics. With a fully integrated enclosure system's modular nature being a key requisite, it was clear that allowing for the positioning and rotation of an AXIOM Recorder and AXIOM Remote across several orientations, and thereby accommodating the full range of shooting scenarios, i.e. hand-held/shoulder/tripod/jib/crane mounting, would be essential. The design was also complimented with a large number of mount-points to provide flexibility where accessories are concerned.

The enclosure is intended for use in conjunction with a magazine incorporating data storage facilities and an on-board PC.

AXIOM Recorder

Inspired by 35mm film camera magazines of yesteryear, we set out to design our own portable recording PC package combination. The search for a small form-factor PC lead us to the INTEL NUC, an ideal platform measuring in at 4x4 inches (10x10cm). The NUC provides serious computing power whilst being reasonably affordable, it consumes moderate degrees of power, and because it uses off-the-shelf electronics, in the apertus° and open source spirit, it also encourages people to modify and adapt the recorder. In addition, having a powerful PC at hand would allow us to also take care of various other tasks, e.g. transcoding preview clips/dailies while the camera is not recording or uploading clips to remote servers, onsite backup systems, or video distribution platforms for quick and easy offline-editing. Another nice aspect to this solution is that the recorder PC can scale from small form-factor, low capacity solutions with just one SSD, to larger, raid-based solutions with multiple high capacity SSDs, simply by using off-the-shelf hardware. Naturally, this AXIOM Recorder would utilise the USB 3.0 connection of the aforementioned AXIOM Beta USB 3.0 plugin module.

Obviously design and specifications can be tweaked so we're looking for feedback from the community. If you have any ideas please come forward.

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RexOr added a comment.Oct 2 2018, 9:39 AM

"Make room for a 3G/4G multiplexer from Mushroom Networks in that extended beta version and it will be awesome!" - From G+

Could it be spam? As i don't see any purpose for 3G/4G in a camera.

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"... the cool thing about the mushroom is that it can multiplex.

We had one in a backpack connected to a tv camera. Multiplexing over 8 4G dongles, spread over 2 different providers. Then demultiplexed in our server room by another box. Yes, proprietary. But worked very well."

Mobile internet allows cameras to become live broadcast studios anywhere there is coverage so while not a primary cinematography application definitely a TV camera application :)