AXIOM Recorder
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AXIOM Recorder is designed to work in conjunction with AXIOM Beta Extended - See T834

AXIOM Beta Extended is a camera and integrated AXIOM Recorder combination that plans to incorporate an INTEL NUC and 2.5" SSD(s). And of course, the AXIOM Recorder module can be attached in various locations around the enclosure and at different angles.

Learn more about the AXIOM Beta Extended from Team Talk 13.2.

The NUC seems to be an ideal platform with dimensions of just 4"x4" or 10.16x10.16cm providing both USB3.0 and mass storage connectivity (SATA III or M.2/PCIe).

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Forwarded by project backer Dan from England.

Renegade ARM Computer with USB 3 on Android Linux

"Renegade is our first board to feature DDR4 technology, USB 3.0 capability, and Gigabit Ethernet. This modern and powerful platform shares the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B* minus one USB port. It features both mainline Linux and Android 7.1 Nougat Support. Like all of our boards, it is designed completely with open-market components in collaboration with the Firefly team. "

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Thanks for posting it RexOr

I forgot, this is also worth checking

Thanks DanBetaMan for the finds. We need some kind of high speed storage interface (SATAIII, M.2, etc.). The Renegade doesn't seem to offer that.

The firefly has a PCIe interface at least but its slightly larger than a NUC as well.

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Another interesting bit here, however I am aware is not what we're after...

Hopefully some solution will be found by the time we get the Betas...

another interesting candidate:
no price or details on the expansion modules (SATA, PCIe) yet though

More details: UP 2 Squared with Intel Pentium Quad Core up to 2.5Ghz N4200 with USB3 OTG, 1x SATA, 1x mPCI-e and 1x M.2 2230 E-key starting at around 320$ excl. taxes.
Dimensions: 85.6 x 90mm

ROCK Pi 4 (all models seem to fit our bill, 4GB RAM preferred) with USB3 and M.2 PCIE slot: ~100€ - ROCK Pi 4 supports USB Type-C PD 2.0 with 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A and 20V/2A. Also, it supports QC 3.0/2.0 with 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. And you need a USB Type-C charging data cable.

NanoPC-T4 with USB3 and M.2 PCIE slot: ~140$ with DC 12V/2A input

LattePanda has an update:

LattePanda 3 Delta
latest Intel 11th generation mobile quad-core processor N5105 with up to 2.9GHz burst frequency
2933MHz high-frequency LPDDR4 RAM — up to 8GB
up to 64GB eMMC V5.1 storage
M.2 NVME SSD interface
USB 3.2 gen2 x1 port that has an ultra-high bandwidth, delivering up to 10Gb/s of throughput
Gigabit Ethernet port

229$ in crowdfunding

Thanks @davidak -

The LattePanda 3 Delta should deliver similar performance as the Lattepanda Alpha 864s (that I currently use in the recorder) for around 50% of the price!