Factory Calibration
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Here in the manual - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/AXIOM_Beta/Manual#Factory_Calibration

Old thread (cleaned) can be found in Research Pending - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/AXIOM_Beta

Items outlined as >>>>TODO:

Step 4 Colour Profiling - Validation:

  • Render the IT8 chart in Blender, using the OCIO configuration.
  • Same with the ICC profile (Adobe? RawTherapee? What apps support ICC?)
  • (todo: detailed steps)

Step 5 HDMI Dark Frames For experimental 4k raw recording

  • polish and upload the averaging script)
  • check if the HDMI dark frames can be computed from regular dark frames)
  • Results: darkframe-hdmi-A.ppm and darkframe-hdmi-B.ppm.

Step 6: HDMI Filters for raw Recovery

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