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The base of the Beta full enclosure is currently flat.
I want to add small "feet" but its surprisingly hard to source off-the-shelf parts that are not huge, ugly or glue-on.

Help me find a good solution.

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RexOr added a comment.Aug 23 2017, 7:52 PM

The round flatter ones would probably be the most sturdy. Maybe include another 4 loose in the box.

Those are all glue-on.

That's what I was searching for. Assumed it would be best for everyone. There was some screw on versions but they were more like nipples eg

Either way I'd keep them shallow. A mm off a flat surface maximum probably, Ideally a tenth of a mm IMHO.

maybe my original requirements were not 100% clear:
not huge
not ugly
not glue-on

Soz. I came in from the channel.

chooksprod added a subscriber: chooksprod.EditedAug 28 2017, 9:42 AM

Maybe this one but we need to have some place inside the enclosure for the screws ! It's also easy to remove them and also maybe possible to adapt for a 3d print solution...

it's not look like ugly or uge for me... but it's only my opinion

technical drawing:

Those looks quite OK, but they are huge!

I was looking for something in the range of 1-2mm height.

Najat added a subscriber: Najat.Sep 12 2017, 1:37 AM

why not 3.75mm, seems like a descent compromise. And I don,t think it is going to impact any external gear added to the camera.

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Small rubber feet have been designed to be laser cut.

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The laser cutter couldnt cut the rubber so Bertl will now try the other laser.