AXIOM Beta Manual (ABM)
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Works for building AXIOM Beta Manual or ABM.EN.01.00.

See Wiki

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Maybe readthedocs would be a better tool choice, because it can create beautiful PDFs, but it can also be viewed and searched online. Moreover, it has a lower entry barrier for contributes. What do you think?

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Not sure, but just to update this for now and for anyone who's picking this progress up - The intention was to use LaTeX as a central point and update other platforms from there, however, this would be bad. Best bet is to use Wiki as a start point and do periodic updates of a LaTeX doc (or another solution) from that.

It's a bit of a load-heavy task in fairness, but it's made more arduous when you consider that not many people want a pdf version. We should have one I think, but people should be directed to Wiki ideally.

Another point has been that it's not good to use ABM on the Wiki as a notepad, things that are formulating should have their own pages and be listed here - ... until such time that the descriptions/instructions can be considered complete enough to incorporate into ABM - This should make it easier for everyone (easier for the builders to refer to, easier for builders to see what still requires work, and so the reader doesn't come across half finished instructions inside ABM).

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I think that having a single point of information is quite valuable. I like the idea of having the code/the design files in the same file tree as the docs, but having the WIki as the only central point is fine for me, too.