Create AXIOM Beta Full Enclosure component vizualizations
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Create photorealistic renderings of each component in the assembly (rest of assembly transparent to see where the component is located in the assembly?) in an enviroment that gives the components proper scale (wooden work table, ruler, pencil, cinema lens as reference scale objects).


Parts to render:

Cap_Bottom_02V1aluminum clear/shiny
Cap_Top_02V3aluminum clear/shiny
Side_Plate_02V1 + Arri Rosettealuminum black coated

more to come

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proposal for part viz

Looks very nice.

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A quick note Michael.

We should be labeling this type of thing very clearly because we don't know where the images are gonna end up. So with the ongoing product brochure it was visually labelled ABPB.01.01. | Product Brochure | apertus° | email: ... See bottom left of M24 ... you can see it's like a 'small print' font.

For this we should visually label it ABPR.E01.CB.02.01. | Enclosure 01 Cap Bottom | apertus° | email:

and for the sensor card that you did previously ABPC.01.01. | Sensor | apertus° | email:

... this way we know exactly where we are with the current relevance of projected revisions, cards, materials, and if they wind up in the internet's Timbuctu the outsider has a contact address for the project. Also, if there's some discrepancy in the details we can simply ask someone what the code on the image they're looking at is.

So ABPR in this case is AXIOM Beta Product Revision. Getting a labeling structure right now will pay dividends for referencing/dialogue/filing in the future, when/if there was another project also featuring a Cap bottom, eg. AXIOM Gamma - AGPR.E01.CB.02.01. | etc etc.

Would that be OK?

Good idea with the label!

Hi Sebastian & RexOr,

attached the updated image with another angle and the labeling.


While we are at it with the labels and such should we also add the website and that its for the AXIOM Beta?

Aaaaaand update. If everybody is good, I will create a pholio and upload upcoming mocks.

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Can we get the ref line on one line. There are typically 2 spaces between a previous or following character and the '|' symbol,

eg ABPR.E01.CB.02.01. | Enclosure 01 Cap Bottom | apertus° | email:

Aaah. My apologies. I entered that last post on my phone and it must have been removing the extra space on entry.

I'd also use a non-Tittilium font for the ref such as Calibri.

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Strange, the extra spaces are in the post data but they don't show in the thread.

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There's also a screw-hole missing on the internal shot Michael, dunno if you missed that. On the upper plate on the side closest to camera there's only one screw-hole, whereas on the external shot, on the lower plate, on the side furthest away from the camera, there are two... The one that's meant to be right in the corner.

Hi Rexor, the hole is acutally there, it's just not visible due to perspective and it isn't connected to the outer frame like the other holes, see attached image.

Ah. Thanks.