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Traditionally a sans-serif font is chosen for main content text for websites that want to provide a "modern" looks (current wbsite uses Droid Sans - new website screendesign was envisioned to use Roboto). Serif fonts are also traditionally mixed in for header elements or other graphics elements to separate themselves from the rest of the text content (currently we use Oswald Light on seems to tackle exactly this font matching challenge.

Not convinced we should use Titilium (which is our apertus logo font) for main text content on the new website - for headers or certain other elements it could make sense though IMO.

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Agreed. Roboto or Open Sans are much better choices for main bodies, but where titles are concerned we can probably afford to be exploratory... although being uniform is fail-safe.

I'm not sure about justified text either because it makes even ubiquitous fonts like these look sloppy... but a lot of the pages in the mocks have been constructed in such a way that text is straddling right across the full width of a page. In any event it would be good to explore how the site would look and feel with text bodies formatted in that way before considering whether or not we should/could break up text into columns (personally I think this is something we should move away from)... eg, there's something really fluid and technical when you see threads containing a lot of text right here on Phab - and a lot of the information on the site is technical, so...

Edit - There are no margins here but the lines in this post have 50 words and that's nice.

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Edit - There are no margins here but the lines in this post have 50 words and that's nice.

Disagreed, readability here in phabricator with these endless long lines is terrible....