3 level hierarchy navigation
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We currently have the level 1 navigation: News, Products, Development, etc.

Then under Products we have the level 2: AXIOM Beta, AXIOM Remote, Open Cine at the moment.
This is done manually with blocks at the beginning of each subpage

When clicking on the AXIOM Beta we on the current website also have a level 3: with Overview, Tech Specs, Modularity, etc. (https://www.apertus.org/axiom-beta-tech-specs)

How could we implement this 3rd level navigation on Drupal8?
On the old apertus website we do it completely manually which isnt too great in a CMS sense :)

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not with dropdownmenu

Maybe we can show sub-menus underneath the navigation, similar to this -> https://i.stack.imgur.com/vmI0M.jpg

if it works on mobile :)

but my concern is that we need 3 levels not just 2.
Plus the menu should only show level 1 and level 3 in navigation, not level 2.

Needs a bit of investigation, but feel free to go to BlackMagic site to see their mobile navigation.

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The present layout for Beta is bad by the way. It's ok to have these tabs but all the information contained on those tabs should be on one scrolling page, with tabs being a means to jump to specific sections of that page.

Fine for me for now but could it could get a very long page once we have more content