Consider AXIOM/apertus° booth branding elements: rollups, posters, etc. designs
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So far our booths and demo tables at maker faires, linux events, trade shows etc. have been rather chaotic (very much DIY project spirit :) ). like at Maker Faire Berin:

We should consider buying roll ups or booth decorations that we can use long term at future events. The design would need to be timeless so it doesnt become obsolete and it should be compact to transport.

Roll ups and booth wall decorations would come to around 400-500€ in total - not very cheap.

Maybe something like this could be a more affordable option: ?

Ideas, Suggestions?
What could the design be like?

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I've tried to think about the Task but its quite difficult. We want to advertise for a product, bit can't show the actual product.

Therfore i would suggest to use large lettering to transport a message and get some attention. Maybe something funny or something curios. It should be big and simple to have strong long-distance effect.

My first ideas was something like: "fremdem for filmmakers" or "free cameras here"... Something that catches the interests of the visitors.

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very good idea!

I once saw a tshirt at a hacker conference saying in huge letters "mach dich frei!" - while I dont think its suitable for us I like the provocative and direct approach so the "free cameras here" idea is very interesting!
We are trying to educate people about free as in beer vs free as in speech topic though so so the poster could be seen as not educational enough but maybe there is an idea to solve that....

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How about: Gratis Wissen zum Bauen großartiger Kameras

Bold words in large letters, others small.

not 100% convinced yet, not radical enough :)