4K HDMI output HDL Gearwork Logic / IP Core


The AXIOM Beta will soon feature a Plugin with a Xilinx Artix FPGA with Gigabit Tranceivers to act as gearwork for the ZYNQ HDMI output.


  • Implement gearwork and communication interface
  • Implement link training
  • Simulate/Test the interface and gearwork


  • HDMI Know-How
  • SERDES Know-How

Language Skills:

  • HDL (VHDL or Verilog)

Difficulty: Hard

Mentors: Bertl

Notes: If you do not have access to the required hardware platforms/dev kits, we will provide them (or remote access) to you for the duration of the project.

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I am Interested in this project.
Can you please elaborate on the project goals.
In the Goals, you mentioned Link training; are you referring to Link training, which is added in HDMI 2.1 spec?

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@anil: With Link Training we refer to training the LVDS connection required for the Gearwork.

The idea is to send high bandwidth data from the ZYNQ over the available LVDS channels to the FPGA on the Plugin.
To achieve maximum throughput (1-1.5Gbit/s for each LVDS pair), some kind of link training is required before actual data can be transmitted.

Hope that clarifies,

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