micro SD-card raid
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Found an interesting device: 10x micro SD card converter to SATA SSD

Has anyone experience with such a device?
Any ideas about writing speed?
What do you think about building our own converter for our high speed ports?


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maybe it can be helpful ?


definitely it will be perfect to found a solution to record some data with the beta, maybe not in 4k raw first but i have no experience on this device.

Funny thing is, that Bertl is working on a Beta Module like this.

But as the team does not talk in public about their ideas, as they are afraid that
people raise their expectations which they than cant meet,
or are too disappointed once they throw away a concept.

On the other hand, people doing identical tasks at the same time,
because the progress is not communicated.

Maybe it is time for more openness on this level of communication @sebastian @Bertl

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Personally I have no problem with that.

That said, time has shown that there are almost no benefits to public brain storming in our current society.
Here are some points why it is not so good to go public before an idea was tested and/or prototyped:

  • "Concept" or "Idea" is usually interpreted as "somebody is already working on it", which often isn't true.
  • There are many solutions to a problem, hand-waving often reduces the design to a single approach, which in general is not optimal.
  • We are not used to celebrating failures. When something is publicly announced and then abandoned because it wasn't such a good idea after all, then this will immediately result in bad reputation and less credibility for the team.
  • With a great idea out in the public, there is less incentive to actually make it work and show the benefits.

Now let's hear the benefits :)


On the bright side I actually remember this particular idea being born because of discussion with specific groups at the booths at embedded world. Of course those were specialists in their field and we actively approach them and started the discussion but still :)

I think we should remove the bottleneck from SATA III to SAS 12 Gb/s so we can get more speed. Because 4K 60fps RAW requires a lot of speed we would need more MicroSD Card for the ability of recording it. And it needs to support UHS-II in every slot. So we need a lot of resources. And MicroSD is more expensive than SATA SSDs actually. $42 for 128 GB MicroSD (Sandisk Ultra 128 GB), Buy 8 and you will have 960 GiB (1024 GB) for $320. It is more or less the same with worse performance (Top speed of the SSD is about 550 MB/s while MicroSDs are about 80 MB/s each with a constant write of about 18 MB/s per card, which in total gives you less than 200 MB/s with a slightly cheaper amount of cards.