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There are many parts we will incorporate into the AXIOM Beta and we have to figure out where we can get them reliably in moderate quantities (~500) and for a reasonable price.

If you are good in finding parts (electronic and mechanical) and/or love finding better/improved ones, please contact us.

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I can help out, send me a BoM-list.

Is this still relevant?

If yes I would rather suggest we create specific tickets for the parts that need to be hunted - as such we have concretely, openly documented tasks that can be measured as complete/incomplete, rather than this zombie ticket where it's unclear if it will ever be finished (or even started) :)

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It is still relevant, although it has somewhat progressed.

Currently we maintain? a bunch of BoMs on for electronic parts.
But naturally this doesn't cover everything and misses certain aspects (like availability, shipping time, etc).
It also doesn't cover the mechanical parts.

Nevertheless, I don't think it is a good idea to break it down to 300+ tasks, one for each component :)


Haha I see (and agree) :)

Are these lists openly accessible? If so we could refer to them here, for our own convenience and overview, as well as for an easier entry point for people who would like to help. :)