apertus.org responsiveness fixes
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Please review what happens when scaling the website window.

Some things in the menu bar start to overlap.

Please propose fixes.

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Currently the two menus are broken on mobile:

The language menu wraps onto the lower line on my Android tablet (1920x1200) both in landscape and portrait.

The About menu clashes with Language a bit, although the links can still be selected.

In T492#7091, @getzi wrote:

Currently the two menus are broken on mobile:

getzi - it looks like the phone is reporting the wrong DPI. The font size is way too small for a mobile screen. For what it's worth, I see exactly the same thing on my android phone...

The phone browser is trying to scale down the desktop site to fit the smaller screen and preserve layout - which just doesn't work.

With a bit of modification to the header menu (and proper scaling for small displays), pages could look like this on mobile screens:

The current site template already does quite a good job re-formatting for small window/page sizes

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will be replaced with new website design soon anway