install self hosted google docs alternative?
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What is the goal? write documents in parallel several authors? share documents? Other?

write documents in parallel several authors? share documents?


This are some google docs alternative tools:

Of all the options, I think the best is to have a private cloud with owncloud and use documents feature.

We use ownCloud as private cloud and works relatively well.

How do you see?

Any experience with any of them?

I only know about Etherpad which is said to be a bitch to install.

And one more thing is that some documents we want to share in specified groups and some as public (for commenting/editing/viewing).
Commenting/discussion function would also be essential

Owncloud documents in version 6 (might be outdated by now) was terrible it was reported to delete documents on its own....

@sebastian, can confirm. Etherpad installation has become way easier btw. Can do it if you need someone...

Etherpad has become a really nice tool imho. Does it supports a way to manage easily list of documents? Permissions?

We could use it and attach etherpad (readonly if needed) urls to phabricator issues, and wherever it's useful (website, wiki pages, documentation etc...)

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Oh, now @philippej is mentioning it: Etherpad-lite has become easier to install, I would not recommend (legacy) etherpad / etherpad plus. However, there comes no real user management with etherpad-lite so I guess not an easy decision ...

just to mention: kune
although it's different because it's a whole group collaboration tool based on apache wave.
but: it has a veeery ugly UI

I have no experience in working with any of these tools. We can choose the tools we like and install a demo for testing, what do you thing?

@sebastian, Is it possible to install these tools on any apertus server?

I will see where we could test them, I dont want to test them on the live apertus webserver but there are a few other options...

Mozilla got rid of Etherpad Plus 3 days ago and migrated everything to etherpad-lite. I'd highly recommend etherpad lite. Want to know more?

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I am a big fan of the well established unix way of using software that does one thing really well and nothing more. That's why I am clearly in favour of etherpad-lite. My 2 cents on Kune and Exo: Trying to achieve way too many things at once. If you really want to go down that road, I highly recommend using ownCloud or just phriction. My last experience with ownCloud documents was release 6, now there is release 8. Maybe everything's working fine by now. Phriction is also quite good but does not (and won't?) support multi-user live editing.

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I really like Markdown for writing, so i was really happy to find

It is something like Etherpad with Markdown! I havn't used it much but you should consider it!

(of course it is open source)

But i also like Etherpad lite, have used it very much!

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Since then, i'm havily using HackMD. It just feels very lightwight to open a new browser tab, create a document and let ideas flow.

I'm using it for meeting notes, documentation, brainstorming, writing etc.

Another interesting development is CryptPad, which uses Zero Knowledge technology to encrypt the data on client side, so the server never knows it. I havn't used it and usabillity looks not great yet.

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