Features & Functionality of Remote Control
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Wishlist and Concepts: https://apertus.org/dictator
(still ongoing?) irc Discussion: http://lab.apertus.org/T133

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would it be possible to add soldering for some kind of mechanical feedback (vibrating device, small hammers) which are munted to the enclosure?

Here I have to add that this could have very negative side effects if the remote is attached to the camera and the entire camera is subject to vibration during shooting.

agree, but just to have the soldering option for handheld use if it is easy and cost free to make..?

Hi everybody, I write my question in the remote page but i think, it is better to write here :

"Will it be possible to modify aperture for non-manuel-lenses as Canon EF-S lenses with the EF-S adaptator for example ? It will be very convenient for people who already have Canon EF-S lenses.
Thanks for your awesome job guys ! I'm very impatien to make movies with Axiom Apertus !"

Currently the idea is to reverse engineer the lens controls on the e mount on the Beta. There are a lot of adapters out there that not only provide a physical conversion to Nikon, Canon, etc. but also do lens control translation.

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quote from the nikonhacker forum, regarding leedong, one of the great nikon hacker guys (brought raw video to the nikon d800, but never finished it...), reverseengeneering the nikon lens protocol

"I met leegong when I got back to my home country last Oct. And he's been busy hacking the lens protocol. Because the lens firmware is impossible to retrieve from the lens MCU, the effort is hard and progress is slow. We have to use other means around to solve this problem. Currently there's a mix of progress and hurdles."

i dont know how far these guys are, but if they have something ready which could already be implemented into the beta, it would be cool to have at least one major brand up and running.
crossing fingers for litte work ;)


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