Parameter LIVE/POST propagation switch
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I want to add a switch/option that allows the user to choose between setting parameters while the value is being changed or only after the selection has been completed - for example on a DSLR or broadcast/prosumer camera you expect to see a change in exposure time or aperture immediately, while turning a knob basically.
But with the current menu system we have in place it would be logical that a change only propagates after pressing the set button or pushing the knob on the value you want.
So I would like to add a button to each parameter menu where you can switch between LIVE/POST as we can call it for now.

The question is if the term "POST" is self explanatory enough.
And if this choice should be saved with each parameter individually or globally.
Or if there should be different behaviour while recording/not recording.

In the end this has a lot of potential to confuse people, so finding the right term and way to display this is essential.

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Oscar added a subscriber: Oscar.May 15 2020, 5:56 PM

Great function. Especially if a setting would take a little time to take effect.

POST could indeed be mistaken for some kind of raw function that you could later change in post or something. How about SET? It could confuse that the live function also needs to be 'set' after dialing, but it won't make a difference anyway. Could be solved by naming it 'live set' 'and 'set'.
Other ideas:

LIVE/JUMP (as the setting would jump after pressing the button)
STEP/GLOBAL (step as each step is visible)

I like the idea of LIVE/SET as the button that actually sets the setting also says "set" so there is a clear connection visible.

Oscar added a comment.May 15 2020, 6:07 PM

Good point.

Another option:


LIVE/DIAL <- the knob could be seen as dial so that could be confusing IMHO

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After looking at this implementation I reconsider to add a "Live" only label with a checkbox next to it- > much clearer

icon still needs to be added (T1193) but the rest is working:

Oscar added a comment.May 21 2020, 4:31 PM

So you mean to skip the whole idea of the 'set' function? Isn't there an example on other devices that have already tackled this issue?

In T1202#17213, @Oscar wrote:

So you mean to skip the whole idea of the 'set' function? Isn't there an example on other devices that have already tackled this issue?

No, the idea for the functionality has not changed, just the way it is displayed.

Live = ON means the value is set continuously - if LIVE = disabled its set when the dialog is closed - once.

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