Re-add Transition Animations in C++ Firmware
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The (old) C-firmware featured a transition animation where the entire screen was moved or wiped out of the frame very quickly (4 directions could be chosen).

This was achieved by a second framebuffer (_transition_framebuffer) of the entire LCD.
At the start of such a transition - it basically captured a screenshot copy into said framebuffer and then with following frames shifted or cropped the content of this second framebuffer towards the move direction.


The animations start was triggered like this:

The animation itself was handled here:

How could we best bring this back in the C++ Firmware?

The effect can be seen in this video:

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The ILI9341 datasheet ( ) mentions support for "Vertical Scrolling" which would be great as it's a hardware feature and thus presumably would work rather fast.
The directions seem to be limited so the hardware acceleration will not work for every direction/effect.

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