Firmware Development
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I will report development progress here.

sebastian triaged this task as Normal priority.

adding / removing presets is still to be added, rest of this screen works.

nice progress @sebastian don't forget the steven spielberg or michael bay camera setup mode :-)

sebastian added a comment.EditedSun, Dec 2, 1:57 PM

first menu transition animation prototype:

I actually want a "swipe" or "push/slide" effect instead of a wipe and in the end it shall be much faster of course but one thing after the other.

now with the desired faster push animation:

Menu and submenu navigation feels much more intuitive/clear now, great suggestion @Bertl
Will add "back" button in submenus again now so navigation only using the knob/wheel is also possible.

sebastian added a comment.EditedMon, Dec 3, 11:59 PM

This video is a bit longer and gives a full tour of the current state of development:

Fixed the parameter menus, added "up" items in submenus, they now also do not show the ">" arrow on the right as "up/back" is perceived as left, slide up/down animation added for whitebalance page. The currently highlighted/selected item in each menu/submenu is now saved and if you go out of a submenu you now have the item selected that led you into the submenu.