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Text may be better aligned with web redesign text in places. This is just experimentation Re layout, as such not all pages have a background layer.

Why landscape - This would work better on desktop, but smartphones would be able to accommodate too. It allows us to spread things out a bit more and avoid things being scrunched up... as was happening in the portrait version.

The previous version employed E1E1E1 as a background as per apertus CI, but e1e1e1 causes a few problems; It's probably darker than we need and something lighter still works with CI, namely ebebeb. ebebeb is commonplace throughout the Wiki so there's that. Adopting it would improve consistency across platforms. Also, when background layers are added to an already overly dark e1e1e1 background e1e1e1 becomes even darker (possibly twice as dark), this was giving the brochure a somewhat depressing feel. See page 04 for ebebeb with a background layer.

To coincide, any web page mocks will probably use ebebeb from here-on.

There are also some changes Re structure. I've done away with the Timeline. Reason for this is that someone who downloads the brochure is primarily interested in the camera as opposed to how we got to where we are. Rather than trying to condense a timeline or project history into a format that wasn't working anyways, it would be best to place a small section of text linking out to the project background on the Wiki/website - particularly now that this has been made much more accurate.

Generally any text in fa8756 on ABB would link out to either the Wiki or the website, so the brochure becomes a way of accurately directing someones introduction to the camera.

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can you rotate this 180° ?

add images of plugin modules/shields that we used on: ?

Re: Rotation - Will do.

Re: Images - That page is already chock a-block mate so that's a stretch. It would likely need a whole new page and I'm not sure we really wanna be as detailed in the ABB. Note, however, that each of those prompts will be hyperlinked to the relevant Wiki pages.

preparing a pdf and then adding hyperlinks is a strange combination in my mind....

RexOr added a comment.EditedJan 28 2018, 11:20 AM

Well I've tested it and it works. It's commonplace and hyperlinks are intended to run through most of its pages.

It's important too because we don't know how the reader has come by ABB. Take the index page for instance. The website needs to hyperlink off it.

sebastian added inline comment(s).Jan 30 2018, 9:23 PM
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move header text edge to edge of block below?

sebastian added inline comment(s).Jan 30 2018, 9:24 PM
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will create a new exploded view image like this of the Beta compact enclosure soon.

sebastian added inline comment(s).Jan 30 2018, 9:26 PM
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IMO the headers from the index should match headers on the actual page

sebastian added inline comment(s).Jan 30 2018, 9:32 PM
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"our" or "the"? the other paragraphs are from an outside perspective this paragraph from an inside perspective

Doesnt "scrutiny" have negative associations?

remove "for everything about it"?

sebastian added inline comment(s).Jan 30 2018, 9:35 PM
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This creates the impression some future tech specs (which require further development) are already fully implemented/working. (300FPS, etc.)

@RexOr what will be the final document size? DIN A4 Landscape or DIN A5 Landscape?

RexOr added a comment.EditedFeb 18 2018, 7:48 PM

A4 Landscape.

It wouldn't harm to explore A5 when it comes to print one day no doubt. That would be quite a handy tool for fairs etc... but It would be worth having a later version for any printing. eg. the three Options and Pricing pages need better images. We may be able to get something solid for a page on AXIOM Recorder possibly too. There may be general improvements to be made as well. For the time being its presentation serves a good immediate purpose when it comes to email communications which is what I needed the doc for, however, you have real skills, I've just done what was necessary.

An A4 ABB will definitely be printed at some point.

Note: There's a lad who's optimising the PDF as we speak. Apparently there were discrepancies with how I'd built it. Will post a link in here once he's done.