AXIOM Beta Full enclosure interations review

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The middle lens with the square shape looks much more compact than the silver round design. We should try a variation with black screws to make it look even more "embedded" into the black metal piece.

I am not convinced we need this grip bevel element here. It makes manufacturing more complex, as grip element a rosette attached actualy handle would work better and as design element I do not think it adds anything to the cameras look & feel.

RexOr added a subscriber: RexOr.Feb 28 2017, 5:02 AM

"I am not convinced we need this grip bevel element here."

I'm not either. It looks interesting and I've tried to think of when it would come into play and the only thing I can imagine is when you're holding the camera down by your side whilst chatting, and even then it would probably feel risky holding it like that.

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all but one of these should actually be small screws