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Product: Seamless Pattern Decorative Sealing Films
General Width:18mm~ 22mm
Available Width: 10mm~700mm
Thickness: 0.07mm/0.10mm
Length: 200m
Composition: Thermal Polyurethane – TPU (Environment Friendly)
Temperature resistance: 80℃
Melting point: 180℃
Water-wash resistivity: Under 60℃
Dry cleaning: Resistant
Applicable machines:
Any Hot-Air Welding Machines or Ultrasonic Wave Welding Apparatuses.
Referable machine setting:
Hot-Air Welding Machines at
Temperature 480℃;Speed 9m/min.;Pressure 1.2Kg/c㎡
Environmental Standards:
Vinyl Chloride Monomer Excluded;
Azo Dyestuff Test Passed;
EN 1122:2001 Passed.
This product is widely used in the production of waterproof products such as tents, raincoats, ski jackets, diving suits, sports suits, waterproof bags, functional clothing, protective clothing, wet/dry suits, police vestments etc.
Estop Machinery is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of seamless pattern decorative sealing films for clothes, garment, apparel in China, which has been focused on garment machinery and related accessories for years. With the aid of advanced equipment and excellent personnel, we can offer you quality, durable, and cheap products. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy our products and get the free sample.Decorative Films manufacturers

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