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Yangzhou Yun Qin Zheng Co., Ltd was founded in August 2002. More than 10 years, from the start of business, the amount of leap to the quality of the leap, the company has a non-material cultural heritage Guqin art heritage, arts and crafts masters, brand management division, arts and crafts division more than 40 professional and technical personnel, Has gradually formed a research and development, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, popularization, training as one of the domestic national musical instruments Qin Zheng professional production of one of the backbone enterprises, Qin Zheng annual production capacity of more than 60,000 Taiwan, the domestic designated more than 400 dealers. Is the development of China's musical instruments industry to make outstanding contributions to the "Chinese musical instrument industry 50", "Chinese musical instrument industry strong company"; is "Guqin" industry standard writing unit, "zheng" "Pipa" "erhu" Jiangsu Province, the quality of credit A-level enterprises, the Chinese Instrument Association governing units, the National Instrument Standardization Technical Committee member units, the Chinese Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association members Unit, the Chinese national orchestral music instrument reform professional committee deputy secretary-general unit, Yangzhou guzheng association vice president, secretary-general unit.
Its brand "Run Yun", "World Music Square", "Teana" Guzheng was identified as "China Famous Brand", "Jiangsu famous brand", "brand-name products in Jiangsu."
For more than a decade, Yangzhou Tianyun Qinzheng Co., Ltd. has provided a total of more than 300 million funds to support the social welfare undertakings. It has organized donations for disaster relief and many times. It has supported many years to promote popularization and training. Assist in holding special concerts. Regularly subsidize the local welfare homes, homes for the elderly and the elderly, love pairs of funding remote, poverty-stricken areas of life difficulties, left-behind children, to complete their studies; Yangzhou University students for the micro-film "Golden Diary" produced generous.
Yangzhou Tianyun Qin Zheng Co., Ltd. in the "heritage of national culture, promote Qin Zheng art", adhere to a high starting point, high grade, to create Qin Zheng Chinese leader brand - "Run Yun", "sounds of nature", " , "Ling Ling Tang". Vigorously develop the corporate culture, adhere to improve the scientific and technological content, and constantly develop green products, pay attention to product quality and enhance service awareness. The company has two utility models, 24 design national patents, has developed more than 20 series of varieties of more than 200 variety of Qinzheng fine on the market, many times won the national Qin Zheng production contest "Gold Award."
More than a decade, the days of rhyme Qin by virtue of sophisticated scientific and technological personnel and superb production process, the pursuit of Qin Zheng perfect, and always lead the development of the industry to meet the consumer's desire for green kite, has been fully affirmed the community, also Won numerous awards, become the industry leader.
Tian Yun Qin Zheng, has not only a brand, but also a quality, it is a commitment, a spirit.
Honor, witness the strength; monument, engraved brilliant.
Thank you for your support for the rhyme rhyme!cheap Zheng Chinese

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