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Oct 3 2017

adrianaragones added a comment to M34: Axiom Beta Compact enclosure and labeling.

"Is it not possible to share the sockets a little more equally between the two sides so there is a little room for screw mounts on both sides ?"
I agree on this. It would give it much versatility. It's a pitty about the cold shoe not fitting there.
Overall anyway, it looks great and with many possibilities to build around it.
Thank you guys for the hard work!

Oct 3 2017, 10:00 AM · AXIOM Beta Hardware

Feb 5 2015

adrianaragones updated subscribers of T136: 4K RAW PC recording.

First let me apologize for joining this conversation this late. For starters, my opinion is that working with 3 HDMIs shouldn't be an option. Cables are not solid for long distances, connections even golden ones are not secure, and transferring that amount of data would be a real headache. I've worked as DATA manager and DIT in several production in Spain and Mexico, and SDI is the most reliable cable you can get at the moment. I know it requires implement soft and hard, but in my opinion, 3 HDMIs sounds scary.

Feb 5 2015, 12:33 PM · 4k Raw recorder, Brainstorming