AXIOM WebRemote: make main content dynamic
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Currently the main content area has fixed dimensions:
.content {

    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    top: 17%;
    bottom: 17%;

Wouldn't it be better if the #content size adjusts dynamically with available space?

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Absolutely. I can look into this while building a git project if you like.

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I hope it is dynamic enough.

If you just want to check it out you can just visit the /dist/spa-mat folder and run

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

and check it out in your browser at localhost:8000

If you want to test the server connection, go to /api and

$ npm install && node app.js

Since you're new to VUE, this is a very helpful flow diagram:

Anyway, FIRST check out the readme and get your development environment up and running.

If you look at /src/router/routes.js you will see how things are laid out

You can find the translation strings at /src/i18n/en/index.js

I didn't start implementing any kind of socket logic, because I didn't have any guidance on that, but I would use this: (see the socket examples)

We might also want to look into adding validation (in the menu...)

Using Windows, npm runs through, at least no errors while getting packages. But the HTML page is completely blank, console output in dev tools is showing several resources with 404 and browser refuses to apply the CSS file. Could you take a look, please? Maybe a fresh VM to check if it is possible to build and display the stuff?

You will see a blank page if you just open the html file in your browser - but that just won't work, sorry. You need to serve it (like I said in the message.) In fact, after I finished the build process this is what it says:

  • app:build Built files are meant to be served over an HTTP server +0ms app:build Opening index.html over file:// won't work +0ms **

if the address bar in your browser looks like:


then you are simply doing it wrong.

either of the following will work - if you have the programs python or php installed and you can use the command line interface:

$ cd /dist/spa-mat
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer


$ cd /dist/spa-mat
$ php -S

As far as a VM goes, I don't have time for side-projects until next week, sorry.

FYI - I updated the README at the Git Repo - and found a couple files that weren't included in yesterday's commit.

A server was used, which was always sufficient for web development. Browser refused to apply CSS, because of security measures.

ok... what security measures? have you enabled javascript?

and pull the repo again - there seem to have been a few files in the dist folder that weren't added to the repo yesterday

JS was enabled, but browser refused to apply a CSS file with cryptic name (seems like hash). Am not new to web development, doing it daily in my regular job (although it's GWT and Java mainly).

I really didn't want to sound condescending, I hope you don't have that impression. In the future it would be excellent if you would make a normal issue report at github that has:

  • OS Version
  • Browser Version incl. Plugins
  • Steps to reproduce

Because otherwise I really only can guess what is going on...

Will do it later, if new commits are still not working, am at work now and cannot access my private machine.

I also first had the issue that all the JS and CSS files were reported 404 by the python SimpleHTTPServer even though they were all in place...

I then ran $ cd dist/spa-mat && python -m SimpleHTTPServer which for some reason (relative paths?) got it to work...

Very nice touch with the AXI "O" M loading circle :D

confirmed working with latest FF and Chromium on Ubuntu 16.04

I just made you all a VM Snapshot for Oracle VM VirtualBox. It's current state has:

10GB Virtual Drive
1280x720 screen size
4 GB Ram
2 Processors
Ubuntu 16.4.3 Mint
Everything installed as per the github repo, including the repo - using dev. If you want to make pull-requests however, you will have to add your github creds.

  • terminator multi terminal emulator
    • node.js apiserver running at
  • EAP Version of WebStorm (legal version of their beta)
    • live quasar dev server running
    • all relevant files open as tabs
  • firefox developer as host for the live dev server (with hot code reloading in Webstorm)
    • Vue.js developer tool window open and tracking the vuex mutation store

Download instructions: (its 5.3GB)
You'll need to install syncthing from and then PM me for my Device ID.

To bypass problems with licenses, you can use VSCode, which has a ton of plugins for different areas, also Node, Vue and so on.

Yeah, but I really avoid Microsoft at every level in the stack - and I won't be installing visual studio anything on linux. Webstorm is simply the best because the entire environment is built for the kind of engineering needed by web developers...

Aha, so you want to risk legal issues? VSCode is widely accepted, even by Linux community.

Legal issues? If you mean JetBrains Webstorm - there aren't any legal issues. The EAP version is their prerelease of their software and it is entirely legal and free to use - without registration. Otherwise I wouldn't have shared it in the VM I built.