automated rcn calibration script suggestions
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I just tested the script ( and collected a few thoughts and ideas:

  1. rename the script to as there are many things that can be calibrated.
  1. what will happen if there are darkframes already stored in /opt/calibration/rcn?
  1. Can we integrate the validation Method 2 ( directly into the script?
  1. is "rm -rf $STORE" at the end required, isn't that potentially deleting other calibration stuff we place there in the future?
  1. Doesn't the "rm -rf $STORE/rcn" delete the darkframe we just calculated?
  1. Can we have a counter output during taking the 64 darkframes so we know where we are ("capturing darkframe 17 of 64") ?
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  1. i suggest calling it (or similar) as i intended it to do all calibrations needed before the camera get's shipped to the customer
  1. that would be problematic. (they will probaply just get overwritten) you shouldn't place anything there and the script cleans up behind itself...
  1. yes, is planned.
  1. you shoudn't place anything in there. it's just temporary files (i would put it in /tmp but that is a ramdisk with few space)
  1. it should be in /root (is it?)
  1. would be nice. needs some shell magic to refresh the screen. i will try
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  1. lets do it one step at a time
  1. maybe its better to clean the dir before starting instead of after finishing, because that eliminates the problem when you start the script and interrupt the process.
  1. great
  1. ultimately we need a place to store the calibration files, /root is really just a temporary place. I thought /opt/calibration is that place but you are right its not optimal, there is this page by alex:
  1. right
  1. then the camera is shipped with a bunch of random crap on it. the end result should be just the calibration files.
  1. sure. right now raw2dng needs the darkframe file in the same directory so i would execute it from /root. we can change it to also search for the file at a different place