make hardware files more accessible
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protip: use "fixes #2" in your commit message to automatically close the github issue :)

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if anybody else wants to start here are most of the files:

and here is the overview:

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Thanks. There is a lot of random stuff but i will try to do it so Bertl can use the time to work on more complex tasks.

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The amount of files on the fileserver is overwhelming, but the current versions are linked in the wiki, so i was able to commit them to Github.

Some open tasks and questions:

BOM is missing for

  • both sensor boards
  • power board
  • Power Adapter Board
  • USB 3.0 Plugin Module
  • Debug Shield
  • PMOD 1x Plugin Module

For PMOD LED Matrix the schematics, board and BOM is missing.
For SDI v0.10 r1.1 the schematics, board and BOM is missing:

Do we want to have an order link to OSH Park? If yes, please provide them.

@Bertl please use the git repo as working directory and commit often. Use the README to tag versions. You can use git branches for development, so the master branch contains working versions.

I removed the versions from the file name, so we can track changes in the future in git.

Many thanks!

I removed the versions from the file name, so we can track changes in the future in git.

I am not sure that is a good idea as it actually makes it impossible to track changes...

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After discussing to remove the files from the wiki and only have them on github, we decided that the past workflow works good for developing hardware and we will keep them organized in the wiki.

To make them more accessible, we introduced a better folder structure on the fileserver. You find all hardware files here:

I updated the links in the wiki.

Missing files on the new location:

can this "test" boards get removed or where they actually built?

what about all the test power boards? can we just delete them?
axiom beta power board v0.22 test
axiom beta power board v0.17 test
axiom beta power board v0.11 test
axiom beta power board v0.8 test
axiom beta power board v0.9 test

@Bertl and can you please upload the files from the repo to the fileserver?

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We can remove powerboard test boards, they were actually built but only for evaluation/test purposed before the actual power board design.

@davidak can do, but what structure and location do we want for those?

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many thanks :)
now, can we finally make this new structure a bit more clear for people coming from github? this would be quite nice. maybe making it clear by putting a readme inside the hardware repo which links to the fileserver and/or to the wiki and clarifies what should go into git and what belongs to the fileserver.

A readme is a good idea.

I started a draft here:

Feel free to propose changes, I will update the file accordingly.