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As the enclosure design is almost completed and prior to our material testing, a couple of us have expressed doubts over what's filed as 'apertus Logo Full Text' in our CI.

One of the reservations has been the word 'cinema' being too closely associated to a cinema theatre.

Looking ahead, our switching things up in this regard would be relatively painless now, however, further into the future, when AXIOM is more notorious, making amendments to our core identity will be a problem. The concern is that, what if some members of the community worked closely on something that isn't a camera in the future? And this could be a switcher, something related to audio, a PCB not calibrated strictly for video, something related to VR, software variants ie. things not specifically related to film making.

Confining ourselves to one use-case classification may also deter people working inside other professional spheres from taking an interest in what the community is doing or from seeing an opportunity to contribute as being obvious, eg. a sound engineer may see 'Open Source Cinema' and dismiss the community purely on those terms.

Because of this some alternatives were chucked around.

Have taken the liberty of realising some of them. If you have a favorite from the attached, or have any suggestions, please let us know.

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I prefer Open Source Design and Open Source Cinema out of the seven names.

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Any more feedback on this issue please?

open source systems, but, as Cinema refers to cinema. Source refers to software. Other alternatives...

open media solutions
open media systems
open media creators

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Welcome Alex.

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Welcome Alex.

Thank you! :)

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There is the option of just using 'open source' of course:

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We may have found the solution there.

Personally I was most keen on 3. 'specialist open source'... but another team member wasn't sure, nobody else singled it out, and difficulty when translating those three words and their resulting juxtaposition was a concern in the chat.

It's also been pointed out that the field of 'cinema' being mentioned is advantageous on the grounds that there isn't much open source development related to cameras in the marketplace, so, the fact is it does peak interest.

My main concern is that the potential is there for the word 'cinema' to hold the community back in some way in the future. However, when that time comes, I would propose that the most effortless and painless solution would be for us to drop 'cinema' completely. In other words - use a plus-point while it's useful, then drop it when and if the time is right. This way we don't need to muddy the waters by incorporating new words/concepts further down the road. Streamlining the logo when the time was right would also be sympathetically received in the community as being justified.

I also like "cinema" is special. In the future, a marketing campaign can be linked to other products.

open source media can be a solution, "media" encompasses many technologies. "source" I do not like it, it seems that it points to only software.

Another idea is to link the user to the logo. That the user feels identified.

open media creators
open media artists
open source creators
open source artists.

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Unlikely that 'open source' would be dropped as it constitutes the entire basis of the project and its ethos.

But they also do open hardware, it's another branch.

So I propose open source creator, if you want to change cinema.

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