OC Scriptable Batch processing
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A proposal to add scriptable batch processing to OC.

This can be split into two basic approaches:

  1. In-Program scripting (load and execute scripts in the running software, bind them to shortcuts, maybe a small console to enter things "live", logging)
  2. OS-level scripting (start program without GUI, set flags to do specific things, load specific tasks, etc)


  • a clever abstraction of all the tasks the software can do
  • hover on gui elements shows tooltips describing the function name needed to call the function bound to click events?
  • ability to use wildcards or regex on available metadata (filename and format, clip lengths, resolution, bitrates, start- and endtimecodes, number of audio tracks, GPS-Location, modification time, ...) to change, delete or add metadata, or to select clips based on it
  • access to individual file contents if needed (for example to run a custom auto white balancing script, to automatically add metadata to footage with a detected greenscreen in it, find video clips where one side of the audio is silent and delete this unecessary track etc.)

Scripting language proposal: python (for compability with blender userbase)

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