better visualization for roadmap progress
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search for existing solutions and good examples on other sites.

the visitor should be able to see what progress was made when, what are the current tasks.

replaces this page:

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Maybe a bar graph is better for fast overview of current state. Like that but the bars change their length according to state:

Or stacked one to represent also the progress of different phases of each part, like these:

Personally the first one is rather interesting.

Chart.js seems also nice for such things. Usually i would suggest Vaadin, but i don't know the backend of the apertus° page and their charts are commercially licensed ones.

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Yeah when I did a mock for status updates it naturally gravitated to a bar chart structure.

I had problems finding good working examples of road-maps. There was a couple of really well structured ones coming back with Google images but it seems the websites that employed them eventually abandonded them. I've no idea why, seemed odd to me, but I guess it was either low traffic or demanding upkeep.

... whereas bar charts would be pretty simple to maintain and easy to digest. We could either use some tool for these or simply draw them up inside photoshop (which we'd have more control over)

With respect to OC, and I think I brought this up at the time, we'd need to know how many benchmarks there are, their names, and what progress they're presently at.

Charts: Maybe we can really use or similar and re-style it to our needs, e.g. rotate bars at 45 degrees, like the first image (second one gives 404 now) in my previous answer. Advantage is the usage of small dataset to drive it, as image editing can become very tedious over time.

OC: We should discuss it soon, as the progress is rather good. Just needs some bug fixes and improvements (bigger and smaller ones), then it can be benchmarked more easily.