8K Camera for AXIOM Delta
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We would need to compete with RED Cameras and Panavision cameras and ARRI ALEXA 65 cameras, so I think an 8K Camera for the next AXIOM Camera would be great, especially if content creators in 2020 and even the olympics in 2020 is planned to be recorded in 8K (2020 or 2022?). So we would have to make a large sensor (81.92 mm by 43.2 mm) but there will be a major problem. The lenses would not be big enough for that enormous sensor. And we need big pixel sizes because in the olympics fast moving objects is everyday circumstances and slow motion is a major need. So we need to make an 8K 300 fps camera in 16-bit would be a great idea. For the lens problem just make an adapter. Also, we should incorporate H.265 codec for 8K 300 fps because it is capable of it. ProRes supports 8K now. And 8K will be mainstream in 2020-s. But in practice it will be a tough challenge.

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Why stop there, why not 16K 600FPS ... :)

Looking forward to your H.265 real time encoding implementation for 8K @ 300FPS


Apertus would have to be bigger than RED and Arri to be able to make a custom made 8k camera.