Thunderbolt port
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I think a thunderbolt port can transfer data for normal RAW if we do not want to insert a bunch of SSDs into the machine but still record in 4K RAW at 30 fps or 24 fps, which can be a great idea for content creators who doesn't want to waste a bunch of money for SSD Array. Instead the data is directly transferred to the SSD Array externally so content creators can just use thunderbolt port(s) to transfer data. Even 2 thunderbolt ports can transfer RAW 4K at 60 fps. Would also consider HDMI 2.0 for transferring RAW data, not Uncompressed video data.

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Do you have any open source stacks/designs for handling thunderbolt?
If so, please share with us.


Well I think Thunderbolt is too proprietary. I didn't knew this previously. If there is an open source design that I can find I can probably inform this thread to everyone. What about DisplayPort to send digital signal? SDI (3G-6G and 12G) is obvious. Do we need it? I think.