Consider using fair components when possible
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for example:

(will our product get too expensive for crowdfunding backers? maybe introduce it later)

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Do you mean electronic components or solder ?

For components I have to admit that its impossible to track how and where they were produced.
For solder we are currently using a tin based product from Alpha Metals.


Yes, it is nearly impossible but can be a goal. Like Fairphone does it.

I agree it is the goal but we have to be realistic that is a huge challenge....

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Note that fairphone does not limit itself to "fair" components.

@Bertl Yes, like i said, it's currently nearly impossible.

But it's their goal and they work on it step-by-step.

So the question of this ticket is, if that could also be a goal of apertus or not or maybe later.


We working on a DIY foundry for now. We think about recycle aluminium and make cube ready for a CNC. It can be a perfect "fair" way for metal component. But we need lot of test (temperature, solidity etc..)

We received in june a machine to recycle plastic to make our own filament for 3d printing. So also a way for plastic part on the camera or prototype !

chooksprod, very nice! Any experience with the plastic extruder yet?

yeah, the plastic extruder worked fine, for now we test it with plastic granule. we need to built a shredder to recycle old plastic. we hope to print the first recycle beta enclosure before christmas.

Our favorite website for plastic