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At the Moment i'm testing some setups for creating a 3D Viewer for PCB Project Files.

It looks like that every KiCAD Project PCB can be exported to wrl (VRML) and SVG File Formats.
When the PCB has 3D Data blender can read it correctly. Sadly the Three.js can't read the .wrl files probely.
The solution could look like these:

KiCad Export .WRL -> Blender load .WRL -> Blender Export .OBJ and MTL -> Load in Three.js OBJ and MTL
KiCad Export .SVG -> Load in Three.js (not tested)
KiCad Export .SVG -> Load in Paper.js (not tested) could work for a 2D Layer Viewer

Show the first results of the test

Can be renderd in Blender needs just proper Material and light Setup

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Currently we have Eagle design files (switching to KiCAD is still on the roadmap), so we need to have some kind of auto conversion for now if we want to utilize KiCAD for the 3D export.

There are some Eagle to KiCAD conversion tools out there and KiCAD itself has an import as well, but I have no idea how the 3D part models could be assigned to the parts used.

if i sent you a six pack of beer im sure you have some hidden a hyper drunken mode where you can redesign it in kicad in just a day. ;-)

i will check that how it can be solved it will take just some time. on 26-27 march i will reserve a time slot for this..

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had made some time ago a test setup and i didn't release it. :-/

the Eagle -> KiCad conversion, i have not a clue made some test but all failed. the good thing is when the PCB in KiCad looks good in the OpenGL viewer everything else should be good.
KiCad -> Blender -> Webviewer works.

KiCad export is manual didn't found a automated solution yet.
for the Blender Conversion from wrl to obj there is a script.
Webviewer needs the filename and then it shows it.

the Webviewer has some errors in the layout i think i will switch to mdl for a nicer look (MDL)