Add simple bilinear de-Bayer filter
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Current state:

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OpenCine gets a huge amount of interest in outbound promo you know, as in, unusually high interest.

When tweets go out linking to the OpenCine page they make 2500 impressions and always get IRO 15 to 20 likes and Retweets. There's clearly a demand because it's unusual to get such consistant activity for something which essentially doesn't exist in the outside world.

You're definitely onto something.

Edit - ... Which I'm sure you know, but I'm giving you direct feedback, people want it.

If there's any way I can help let me know (I'm not a coder, but I could perhaps gather assistance if we went about it in the right way)

No, that was new to me. No sarcasm. Have rather limited feedback on OC, sometimes Sebastian forwards people to me, but that's it most of the time.

Help is always welcome, because the people who have shown interest in development before also disappeared rather fast. I suppose there has to be much more progress to get more attention, but my time is also constrained by regular job and private life.

Especially the direction which OC should take is important. Maybe new algorithms or different approaches.

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Well I'm going to give it a dedicated Twitter account. It's not quite ready yet but it'll start on just under a thousand followers. The problem with that from your perspective is that it's comprised of what you'd deem to be end-users - film makers. They aren't coders.

Do you think the reason people disappear is the fact that dev is unpaid?
Who are the best suited people for the job? People who use Blender?
And when you say "maybe the direction which OC should take" do you mean that you're unsure what potential users want or need from the program?

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Partially that were people who are coders. I've talked to Sebastian about that some months ago and his opinion on that topic was: people need some leading and management. But i cannot accomplish that alone.

Such projects require different people (coders, film makers, hardware devs) who are really interested and have ambitions to push it forward, it's not all about coding. Also I really appreciate input from film makers, as they know the "market" and it's requirements.

Exactly, you've got it right. There were many different ideas and suggestions from different people. Some wanted a backup solution, some others all-in-one suite. My advantage at the moment is the raw state of development and the need for some basic preview modules for OCBackup, so i can test the visual part and also the interfaces.

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It would be a shame to have to pass the community off onto platforms which aren't OS. Coding and post production are quite polarised disciplines unfortunately.

I agree people need to be interested in pushing OC forward. As the Betas land I think the right people will find their way into this arena.

Backup solutions and all-in-one suites are definitely good long term goals. Perhaps though, and I'm not an expert you understand, effecting the footage that's ultimately going to be shot through AXIOM could be a good priority.

When we look at user tutorial videos on YouTube for platforms like DaVinci Resolve a lot of what a user expects and needs will be documented in succession from beginning to end almost. I guess the task would be how to make something simpler / better than Resolve - a tall order, and it would need a lot of hands, but I'm sure it could be done with momentum.

This might be "how long is a piece of string" but how long do you think it would be before an interface could be given a working trial to any degree?

What do you mean by "platforms which aren't OS"? I would be interested in developing things which are specific for apertus° cameras and post-processing, but still leaving it open-source of course.

It always depends on what people expect. Currently trying to get frame preview for CDNGs into OCBackup to have something to show in the next days. That's was the purpose of the bilinear filter in first place, as it's quality is not good for post-production. Afterwards some simple clip player is planned and after that some optimizations on the CPU level, like SSE, AVX etc.

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"What do you mean by "platforms which aren't OS"?"

Sorry I should have been specific.

Well to my knowledge Open Source platforms in this field don't exist. DaVinci Resolve, Media Composer, Premiere, etc are all closed shops (perhaps this is why OC is getting the interest). So what we'll have is people shooting footage through AXIOM and taking it straight over onto platforms which they have no control over.

Do users want control? Well, probably, but the things someone doesn't like in one platform over the other are advanced issues for something that's in its infancy.

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Still missing intelligent pattern processing and border interpolation, but image loading was adjusted to be able to load Axiom test data. Screenshot shows the ProcessingTest application. The lower image has some gamma correction in it and is also convert to 8-bit for Qt image control. Upper one ist still in 16-bit and witohut processing.

Edit: Attached better screenshot, without mouse pointer in it.

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