add EEVblog videos to "why open source" page?
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Wow - I find it really difficult to listen to this Aussie troll, couldn't make it past the intro yet - will try to pull through to form a proper opinion...

please do, the guy is a legend :)

OK, after watching both of the videos, I'd say they are very easy to understand and not too specific at all. However, the way this dudes presents it is a) quite goofy, which is not only a bad thing as it makes it "fun" to watch and his dumbed down version makes it very easy to understand. Nevertheless, it's a question of style if apertus° necessarily wants to walk this path to the same extend he does (which is kind of implied by embedding the video). b) In the second video he is very focused on the open hardware = good karma part. I think this is a very obvious and therefore boring point to make. Pretty much every other advantage of open hardware is more exciting and interesting than that and he hardly addresses it (maybe besides that you can still get rich and famous with open hardware products, which is again not the greatest point to make) – but that's my personal opinion.
Generally, you can tell that it is very community orientated and maybe that's what apertus° is aiming for - my question is: isn't that where apertus° has already scored big time and wouldn't it be time to convince these from outside of the community of it's awesomeness?

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Dave Jones is an iconic figure.
You might not know him, and he is certainly not always right, but he is one of those internet phenomenons.
If we can find something better on the topic, it would be very welcome, if not, it is probably a lot better than nothing.


Being an internet phenomenon is as you are probably aware by no means assuring quality. I guess there has got to be something out there , which is probably less "fun" but better suited. Probably some talk of Jonathan Zittrain? I can look into it if you think that's necessary...

just as a core question whats the main reason for all the involved people for a open source project like apertus?

i find there are many people who explane why open source better is than close source and so on.....
as a good example for movie makers is magic latern it makes a beginner dslr photo camera to a wonderful video camera and a prof. photo camera.
whats also that goes under i find the hole cinema industry runs on open source. the dolby server runs linux(also doremi), file format for the movie hard drive is ext2 and much more.....

my view is that the message should be more like we are closing the gap in the movie industry to one core -> open source / linux.
there are so many people who think that open source in the film industry is a toy we should address that more. the people wo knows open source doesn't need a aussie legend to understand open source! :-)

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one word: INNOVATION

a second word, where you can talk long about with open source in mind: QUALITY

a third word: EQUALITY

and the next paragraph is about: HUMANISM
bringing people together!

an other side of the coin:
knowledge is power and the power should belong to the people and not to an elite.
problem is, when they sell you dazzlement as knowledge, where media shines
brighter then ever before and people think they are empowered and holding knowledge.

like "Heute/Österreich/Kronen Zeitung/FoxNEWS/..." that is where real free source strikes.

Do you want to talk about that?

what ever floats the boats...

i would love if we could do our own video/declaration,
that represents US with ALL of OUR points of view.

we could do it with an austri accent instead an aussi accent :P!

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