create illustrations and video that explain differences between Beta and Gamma more accurately
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currently a lot of people seem to be confused about the scope of Beta vs Gamma.
Many voucher holders see the Gamma as the successor of the Beta and therefore are hesitant to get a Beta now.

We want to create illustrations and possibly a video that explains that they are two different products with two different scopes.

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Also we should update the "Upgrade Path" paragraph here:

Maybe its not clever to call converting Beta to Gamma units "UP-grade" altogether because it implies converting to a higher/newer instance.

If we want to maintain both Beta and Gamma as sustainable platforms with different scope we need to find a different term for this process: "conversion" ?

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Then lets make a list of hardware that possibly can be reused for the Gamma. We definitely should make an ELI5 video explaining everything there is to know about the iteration between Beta & Gamma.

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done with team talk