central file repository -> where? how?
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I think a central file storage service where we can place all the files we create would be very handy for collaboration.

Problem is currently not that we dont have such thing, we have too many: we upload files to wiki, youtube, drupal, lab, FTP, owncloud, private hosted ftp/http so what we lack is not the space itself its the overview.

How can we unify this? How can we create that central hub that contains everything? A place where we can just point people to when they look for graphics, slides, articles, video source files, alpha footage, etc.?

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While it sounds appealing, I don't think we can have this one central place because there are a number of very different requirements to different types of data.

  • Github seems to be a good choice for versioned data and group development.
  • HTTP mapped FTP server seems like a good choice for big data and general drop storage.
  • Youtube/Vimeo is probably unavoidable for sharing video content.

Wiki, Lab and Drupal should be able reference the files/videos/images/etc via HTTP.
Owncloud IMHO has no advantage over an FTP drop point, but maybe I'm wrong.


I think every kind of information has its place of storage.

I agree with @Bertl (except owncloud ;) ). What must be clear is where each data is stored. To do this, we must write a document of good storage practices, as detailed as possible.

The last sentence of @sebastian:

"A place Where we can just point people to When They look for graphics, slides, articles, source video files, alpha footage, etc.?"

We have to distinguish two types of data:

  • Heavy data (source files):
    • source video files
    • alpha footage
    • etc.
  • No heavy data (corporate):
    • graphics
    • slides
    • articles
    • etc.

Heavy data (source files) could go to "archive.org" to reduce costs. Lightweight data (corporate), I will arrange for owncloud and would always be accessible from different devices (PCs, mobile phones, from a web browser, etc.).

Owncloud advantage is to have a private cloud (similar to Google Drive or Dropbox) in its own storage.

To summarize:

  • end, promotional, informative videos: youtube / vimeo
  • source code, versioned data: github
  • Public Information: website -> drupal
  • Live documentation: wiki
  • Projects: phabricator
  • No heavy corporate data: owncloud
  • Heavy data such as raw video or photo: archive.org/ftp

Archive.org choice against a FTP depend on the cost of storage + backups (archive.org is free).

we must write a document of good storage practices

excellent idea, we will start this tomorrow.

As first step we need to start collecting what files and what data we actually have to archive.

I fully agree that it makes no sense to have all the data in the same place.
But we need a way to provide a quick overview where certain flavors of data can be found, without requiring someone to maintain this list constantly.

So we need to create awareness within the team and then make sure we stick to those principles... aka the creator of something should be responsible for putting it in the right archival place...

About owncloud I have mixed feelings: its great to quickly share data between friends/coworkers but when that is complete I remove the files again, so its not a suitable long term archive.
And for archive.org I dont feel comfortable uploading 500GB there just to save resources on our own servers, they are doing something important to collect free and open media files from all over the world but I dont want to just use them as data dump...

"we will start this tomorrow."

Nothing happened so far :)

But I concluded we want to approach this topic with nextcloud.

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Happy to come up with some text for procedure if required. That's best tackled when we see how encompassing NextCloud is/could be for us, eg. It handles video calls and other communication types. I suspect it has a Google Docs equivelent too (useful for live collaboration).

It indeed support libre office document live editing.

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Have you seen their timeline (about 70% down the page) - https://www.collaboraoffice.com/code/#getting_set_up

It's extremely good.


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I use Nextcloud at the movie theater (cinéma Nova) where I work and it's pretty useful as a google doc alternative (especially for the collaboraoffice option).
Also, on the Nova's instance, Nextcloud comes with etherpad-lite, so very handy ^^

Shall we try to install this on apertus server ?
(I may not be the best person to do it nice and clean, sorry...)

For the heavy and long term storage, shall we consider NAS + Wake on LAN ?

5€ per month for 500GB: https://serverdiscounter.com/drive/
Shall we order?

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Ecologically powered... Seems good !