apertus° Ambassador Pack
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And I am toying with the idea to create a media package for apertus° ambassadors.
Basically a digital archive that contains everything required for people to introduce local communities to the apertus° and AXIOM project in local events (eg. hacker labs).
So a set of presentation material, infos , flyers, brochures, cards and documentation that help explain the philosophy, history and plans around our project.
All styled and designed with central theme and concept.

Most of this stuff exists already in some form or another but we would need to collect everything together, make sure nothing is missing, complete the missing pieces and make sure it all fits together nicely...

At a later point we also can consider sending physical packages out with a set number of printed flyers, cards, etc.


  • Project Background PDF (Done)
  • Logo Zip file (Done)
  • Marketing material zip file
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I'd like to try this - https://identihub.co/

Needs server work.

Looks nice but setting up the server/software/infrastructure for this seems a lot of work to just have one page that displays the logo in an orderly fashion: https://github.com/uracreative/identihub