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It might be a good idea to update our phabricator install. It's documented here : https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/article/installation_guide/#updating-phabricator

Since the tool is now critical for us (and the EU project), I think it's best to make a backup just before the upgrade, and test if the new version doesn't remove or change too much a feature we'd rely on. Sebastian & Herbert will most likely be able to tell if something is broken.

Newer versions provide for example a nice group discussion tool that might replace the dying forum, and the time consuming mailing list.

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Just a note: in general I prefer mailing lists because of the simple off-line backup and accessibility.

agreed it all depends on personal preferences. As I understand conpherence, it could complement our existing tools and allow notifications and reply by email... Best of both worlds?

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