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Raw version is done, not committed yet. Some points which aren't implemented at the moment:

  • Scaling thumbnails down when view is resized
  • Also scaling up when resized, both cases have to be evaluated first

Looked into RawTherapee and Darktable. Will try to use their scaling approach in "file explorers" to get some ideas.

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Current State:

  • Added removable drive recognition through QFileSystemWatcher, Linux only for now as it observes /media folder for changes, Windows and possibly OSX will follow
  • After some discussions CinemaDNGDecoder project will be reactivated again (soon) to read meta data, as no real C++ lib for CinemaDNG headers was found, image data will still be retrieved by LibRaw for now
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Current state:

Current tasks:

  • Working on "Backup" module, seems like an essential part for video production
  • Basic layout available, removable drives (Linux only at the moment) and the containing folders can be selected, preview of frames is displayed accordingly
  • Thumbnails are loaded by Qt, this results in false color as Qt does not support RAW data, custom thumbnail provider will be implemented
  • Some infos are shown under the thumbnails (at the moment partly bogus), later more infos would be displayed on mouse over
  • Still evaluating the idea when to represent frames and when clips,...
  • ...also if any preview playback should be available, if yes, then basic processing has to be used to ensure fast preview and more or less correct colors

Next tasks:

  • Selection of Master and Clone locations/drives to backup the data to
  • Data transfer
  • Verifying the transfer with checksums
  • Displaying of EXIF tags (table on the right), especially CinemaDNG related tags, will be accomplished by own decoder for now (opinions or better ideas are welcome)