solar powered (?)
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would it be an option to have a solar panel on top that powers the device completely?

it must have a rechargeable batterie to store energy for usage without enough sunlight.

we need to know:

  • size of the remote
  • power consumption
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If you find a panel that does 6-41V with roughly 3-5A then it should be fine.

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Ah, sorry, for the remote less power is required of course.

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these could be fine batteries.. do anyone know more about that technology?

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We can also think of using an EDP display (e-ink display, like in e-book readers), which consume very few energy. The refreshing rate isn't very fast, but for the remote, we don't need something very fast.

Here's some example of raspberry pi hat and here's some independant device.

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not possible at this stage

I just got an e-mail notification about the update.

I think this idea is actually not very useful. With a modular design, you can just use any power source.

Put a flexible solar panel on your backpack and your good to go.

Nothing this project has to provide.

For example this 100W panel: