create website translation management system in the lab
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create guides that explain how our drupal based translation system works

create a system that allows us to effectively manage assigning translation tasks and translators

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Could just use transifex, it used to be foss, but now im not so sure. It does work very well though.

Edit: I have since come to realize transifex is bad.

looks like from the website it is free for open source projects

our website CMS already provides all the technical requirements for a multi language page,
This task is more related to managing the people to create the translated content and organizing efforts for a larger translation team.

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@sebastian Make a Norwegian Bokmål branch and ill see how well it works. I do a lot of translation work.

One suggestion for organizing translation teams, would be divide by language (like other open source projects).

Each translation team, have one or more people responsible, who would be responsible for administering and managing the translations.

An example might be, divide the page and assign work to translators. This list could be kept somewhere within the web of apertus, may be like:

The list would show the work assigned and unassigned. Thus, a new translator, could be assigned a new page to be translated (on approval by the responsible for the translation).

To avoid outdated translations or untranslated pages, the team managers, can regularly send a confirmation email to the different translators, so confirming their desire to continue translating and maintaining the pages assigned.

If a translator does not respond within a defined time, or no longer wishes to continue translating the page, the page is free for anyone to continue the work.

What do you think?

Any others ideas? I like to help with translation, but I am waiting for a method/workflow for this job ;)

By the way, what about the translation of other parts of the axiom system, like the axiom interface, documentation, etc.?