Image magnification preview in video output - FPGA feature
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live view magnification

preferably two zoom levels (100%, 200%)

for focus checking - resampling of the image can be done with a simple/bad quality algorithm as its just for verification of image focus.

The ability to specify which part of the image is magnified would be very handy.

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Note that this should happen at a specific stage that allows to have a separate magnified version sent to one output, and the normal (not zoomed) version sent to another.

That way you can check focusing on the camera assistant's side, and still record the normal feed at the same time.

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How about an option that makes the magnification preview automatically appear in the center of where the focus is? This might be specifically useful when focusing on people/people's face/people's eyes because it's very annoying to have to move the focus preview through buttons(like on Canon EOS cameras) when you're on a situation that you have to catch focus fast.
Just an idea that popped up in my head right now.

Could be useful - but equally tricky to programme I would have thought since the camera has to work out where that is. I suppose, once you have peaking working okay (ie highlighting of high contrast pixels) you tell it to jump to work out a general centre for those areas.

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Judging from my experience with "smart" devices (including consumer cameras, phones, tablets), such a "guessing" will consume a lot of resources and get it right in at most 80% of all cases and will annoy in the remaining 20%, because it just can't get it right there. Note that the 20% will be the ones everybody talks about :)

Not saying it can't be done, just that making devices "smart" isn't that simple.


Indeed. How about making this feature work only when the focus peaking is concentrated in a given area, and not spread out throughout the whole image? Or, how about making it optional? Then people just activate it when they're shooting something that will really benefit from this feature, like when trying to pull focus on people on the foreground?
Just ideas.