Set up drupal webshop to manage backer crowdfunding purchases
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Would it make sense if I created a online database system for managing the crowd funding vouchers?

Proposed Features:

  • each backer receives an email with a unique ID to access information related to his her AXIOM Beta voucher (batch number, position in line)
  • each backer is notified as soon as their batch is ready then they can choose if they want to get a Beta or if they want to delay their preorder until next batch (pass to next backer in line for this batch)
  • the system would automatically inform the next backer in line and give options for preordering/passing
  • selecting preorder options (accessories, etc.)
  • implemented paypal transfers for sending the money for the at cost vouchers and accessories
  • options to enter shipping address / details
  • give administrators an overview over who preordered which accessories and shipping addresses, etc.
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I think it would make sense, but maybe there is a simpler way to manage this...?

If we use drupal commerce (yes, IF :-) )

maybe we can see it as a coupon

the payment module allows a "free" option

give me a few days to think about it ::-)

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17:30 < Bertl> regarding T206, I think we need to define the Beta Staging 
               process first, because the points listed there sound a little 
               naive to me
17:30 < Bertl> we won't "have a batch ready" and then ask folks to "buy" for 
               several reasons
17:31 < Bertl> a) folks will pick individual configurations and probably decide 
               on sensor, shields, etc
17:31 < Bertl> b) we do not have the time/money to "make" a number of Betas in 
               every configuration
17:33 < Bertl> c) we want to handle arbitrary reordering (folks who do not want 
               the beta right now) as fast as possible, so that we can 
               manufacture and test the Betas in a timely manner
17:35 < Bertl> we also have to make it as transparent as possible, and supply 
               folks with the necessary information what is available when and 
               how an upgrade path could look like (if we allow for one)
17:35 < Bertl> i.e. the first Betas will unlikely be the final Betas, unless 
               everybody decides to "wait" (which is fine for us as well)

17:48 < Bertl> IMHO we should keep the waiting list model for this as well
17:49 < Bertl> i.e. contact more than the actual batch (maybe everybody?) and 
               tell them that we are processing the first batch, but we also 
               create a waiting list
17:50 < Bertl> so somebody from the 5th batch can "try" to get an early Beta, 
               and also succeed, if the first batch pensum is not filled
17:50 < Bertl> no problem with automation, but before we start that, we should 
               know the process in detail
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Based on personal experience of backing multiple projects on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, both have options to send out a questionnaire to backers. You are probably best off using this to send a questionnaire out prior to starting the assembly process of the finished product (or possibly ordering materials) to determine who wants a camera, and to choose which options.
I would allow 2 weeks minimum for responses, and even then you can still expect up to 10% of non-response, so you are best off using a queue order system, and grab the first X questionnaire responders off the queue and use them for the current batch of cameras to assembly and send out.

if indiegogo provides decent tool, we can already use that

indiegogo does not provide any such tools

Must be 3rd party services, anyone have experience with any of them?

Any thoughts on the drupal webshop solution?

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So from my research:

  • drupal commerce + drupal commerce_coupon looks like a powerful webshop option
  • We could make the webshop pages accessible only to a certain group of people (roles + acl) for crowdfunding backers
  • We create an AXIOM Beta product that can be ordered in the webshop
  • We create a coupon code that discounts the price for the voucher holders and is limited for the timeframe we set for orders (one coupon code per backer batch)
  • payment via paypal (+3% fees) or wire transfer (no fees - need to check with outside EU payments)

That is exactly what I had in mind. The only thing we mus be clear with, is that we should not try to create custom business logic (custom code) since drupal and drupal commerce are a real pain to customize beside what is already available as module.

If we don't need any customization, it would work fine.

We'll probably need to email the coupon code manually though.

drupal commerce install guide :

We decided to create a separate drupal instance for testing then eventually merge it onto main site

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Work in progress on this. I installed a test drupal commerce install and so far so good. Will report when ready

doc with install steps (internal) :

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Work document :

Now I think we'd need external help if we want to tackle the rules setup.
I did my best, and Sebastian too, but it doesn't work as expected...

Who could help us on this?

I will check the list of people who contacted us and offered help regarding webdevelopment/drupal experience.

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